Submit your own metrics

History of all linked repositories will be analyzed, and so will new commits as they are pushed.
However, you may wish to analyze a repo yourself, if you:

  • Want to analyze a private repository
  • Don't want to login with GitHub & link your project
  • Don't want to wait until Cauditor's import queue gets around to analyzing your project
  • Are a nice person and want to take some of the import duties away from Cauditor

Continuous integration


Add a dependency on cauditor/analyzer to your composer.json file if you use Composer to manage the dependencies of your project:

composer require cauditor/analyzer --dev

This will make the Cauditor analyzer available in your CI server.


Add this to your .travis.yml's after_success statements:

- vendor/bin/cauditor

It'll instruct Travis CI to generate the metrics & submit them to This should also work on other CI providers.

On your own machine

Similar to how code would be analyzed on Travis CI if you follow the above steps, you can run it on your own machine:


Add a global dependency on cauditor/analyzer:

composer global require cauditor/analyzer

This will make the Cauditor analyzer available for your entire machine, instead of for just 1 project.


Now you can play around with the script! You can analyze all commits of a particular project like this:

cauditor --repo= --path=/tmp/import --all

Execute cauditor --help to find out more.